Lorena Cordero, 1971, born in Quito, Ecuador. She is a multi-awarded fine art photographer. She attended Parsons School in New York and later transferred to Parsons Paris. She returned to her country of origin before concluding her college studies, which largely makes her a self-educated professional. 

She gives herself entirely to portraiture. Her work becomes a very personal and intimate way to express her feelings. She works from her soul, through emotions, both hers and her subjects’. She studies human growth which becomes a very important tool to work with them. Taking pictures becomes something infinite because she reflects herself through portraits. Photography is healing.  

In 2012 she publishes her first photography book, designed by herself, called Labyrinth inside the mirror (Laberinto en el espejo) which collects three important series, Egos, Once upon a time and Anima. 

After the death of her mother she stays away from the camera for two years. Her series called Your Majesty the Queen bring her back with deeper artistic proposals. She is now working on a new project called Aura with the intention of publishing her second book. 

During her career as a photographer, Lorena has performed several individual and collective exhibits. 

Since 2007 she has obtained several awards from IPA (International Photography Awards), the Silver from the Canon Creative Asia Awards 2010, Finalist in the Oneeyeland fine art portrait 2014, finalist in Kuala Lumpur International Photo awards in 2015, the gold in the Trieremberg Super Circuit Australia in 2015, honorable mention in portrait in the Tifa, Tokyo International Foto Awards, in 2017 the bronze in Oneeyeland fine art and people portrait in 2017, the bronze in portrait in the Tifa, Tokyo International Foto Awards, in 2017, several nominations in the International Color Awards. 

Lorena Cordero is a very singular person who makes everything around her a way of living. She has a particular taste that she clearly reflects not only in her work but in her own image and her home which she entirely decorated herself. 

Together with her colleague and husband Simón Brauer they created Neurona Digital, a small company devoted to different aspects of photography. She is currently living in Quito, Ecuador where she has her studio at home and can be close to her daughters. 

“I love portraits, I love and detest human beings. I love their soul, although I hate the endless twisted labyrinths they/us have to take to get to the soul. 

I support myself on those roads; that is, in the feelings, in the collective unconscious, and always in the reflection, my characters are my mirrors and I am theirs.” Lorena Cordero. 



2017 "Your Majesty the Queen 

Alianza Francesa, Quito. 

2015 “Once upon a time” 

Xerrajeros, Cumbayá. 

2012 "Labyrinth in the mirror" 

Centro Arte Contemporáneo, Quito 

2009 “Egos”  

Galería Teatro Sucre, Quito 

2002 “Sueños y Despertares”  

Fundación Guayasamín, Quito. 

Alcaldía de Cuenca. 

1998 "Casi una niñez"  

La Chuquiragua, Galería, Quito. 

1995 "Preludio al Aroma de Joyas"  

Posada de las Artes Kingman, Quito. 

1994 "K-lidoscopios" 

Instituto Geográfico Militar,Quito. 

1992 "Pegaso en los Andes" 

Café Mozart, Quito. 



Oct 2019 New York Art Center, Tribeca 

2018 Miami River Art Fair, James L. Knight Center, Miami 

2015 "Parpadeos" (Simón Brauer / Lorena Cordero) Pentasiete Artsudio, Cumbayá, Ecuador 

2007 Neurona Digital Estudio, Quito 

2006 Muestra colectiva Carruseles y Cucuruchos (Simón Brauer / Lorena Cordero) 

Cine Ocho y Medio / Festival de cine documental EDOC ,Quito Ecuador 

2005 Amor Chatarra (Simón Brauer / Lorena Cordero) 

La Naranjilla Mecánica, Galería, Quito. 

1997 La Chuquiragua, Galería, Quito. 

1996 Taller de Arte: "El Hueco", Cumbayá- Quito. 

La Chuquiragua, Galería, Quito. 

Discoteca Blues, Quito. 

1995 "La Huella de Europa" Galería Colegiode Arquitectos, Quito. 

"Ojo de Mujer" Agosto mes de las Artes. La Flacso, Quito. 

1994 Galería Metropolitan Touring, Quito. 

1992 Parsons School of Design, Paris. 




International Color Awards 

Nominee in Fine Art | Aphrodite 

Nominee in Fine Art | Guan Yin 

Nominee in Fine Art | Mielikki 

Nominee in Fine Art | Nike 

Nominee in Fine Art | The Virgin of Sorrows  


International Color Awards: Nominee in Fine Art: Aura  

IPA Honorable Mention Fine Art: Portrait: Aura 


One Eyeland Photography Awards 

Bronze Fine Art-Portrait: Aura 

Bronze People-Portrait: Aura 

Tokyo International Foto Awards. Bronze, People Portrait: Aura 

IPA Honorable Mention One shot-Harmony: The Virgin of the Sacred Heart (from the Aura series) 

IPA Honorable Mention Fine Art: Portrait: Aura 

International Color Awards. Nominee in portrait 


IPA Honorable Mention People, Portrait: Your Majesty the Queen 

IPA Honorable Mention Fine Art: Portrait: Your Majesty the Queen 

Tokyo International Foto Awards. Honorable mention FIne Art Portrait: Your Majesty the Queen. 

International Color Awards. Nominee in fine art: Joan of Arc 


"Trierenberg Super Circuit" Linz-Austria: Gold medal, Portrait: Mary I 

KL (Kuala Lumpur) International Photoawards. Finalist: Portrait: Eleanor d'Aquitaine. 

IPA Honorable Mention People, Portrait: Your Majesty the Queen 

IPA Honorable Mention Fine Art: Portrait: Your Majesty the Queen 


One Eyeland Photography Awards 

Finalist "Your Majesty the Queen" Fine Art-Portrait 


IPA Honorable Mention People, Portrait: Anima 


IPA Honorable Mention 

Once upon a time (Categories: Book, Fine art, Digitally enhanced) 

Octavio (Category: Portrait) 


The Canon Creative Asia Awards 

Silver award 


Honorable Mention IPA 

Revolutionary heart 


Honorable Mention IPA 

Sins and Virtues 


Honorable Mention IPA 




Honorable Mention IPA 

Junkie Love Series 

Reaching childhood 


2012 Labyrinth inside the mirror, a luxurious and limited edition coffe table book which includes the three series: Egos, Once Upon a time and Anima. (Laberinto en el espejo)